Ideas need a lot to become tangible products. Production has three steps: Pre-production. Production. Post-production.
Cultivating the vision for each project starts with the concept and development phase in pre-production. From scripting to screenwriting, to storyboard, locations and casting, being resourceful is a must. Our team is proud to have experience with a variety of brands and campaigns around content creation, helping to develop a multitude of projects into a full vision for the screen.
Production includes anything that has to do with capturing and creating the actual content for the project. Whether it’s on stage for a live performance, on set for a major film, or in the studio recording a voice over, there’s a lot of ways to execute captures. Understanding the needs of the clients in pre-production helps with decisions on what gear is to be used, how many shots are needed, what kind of script and audio demands are going to be required… it’s a lot of work, so it needs to be produced efficiently. That’s why experience matters.
Post-production is where the magic happens. (Well, don’t tell that to the camera operators!)
More than just editing, understanding the workflow and dynamic capabilities of “post” is something that our team values. From animation and character design, to file encoding and color grading, it’s essential to utilize these skills with polishing the final product for clients. Entire worlds can be built in post-production, that’s why it’s important to have a dedicated resource for post… we can change your world.


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